01 / March / 2016

Placenta C Jelly (Acerola flavor)launched in Taiwan. Providing both Collagen and Placenta, with plenty of Vitamin C, healthy beauty is not mission impossible.

12 / October / 2015

New item Beauty Drink has launched. With plenty of beauty ingredients, Beauty Drink makes you become more charming and attractive with ease.

20 / August / 2015

Acerola Placenta Jelly and Coconut Collagen Jelly have launched. Seasonal versions with limited quantity, these new flavors will bring you beauty with freshness.

12 / May / 2015

Nata de coco with Placenta is a new idea to combine nutrition with snack. Especially for office ladies, it provides a simple & quick meal to support your basic consuming. On the other hand, it supplies nutritious ingredients for your beauty enrichment.

05 / March / 2015

Placenta C Sparkling arrives. This new item is good for people who loves exercise or usually works hard with tiredness of muscles.

05 / February / 2015

New arrival. Placenta C Liquid is suitable for you to pour into salad, soup or drinks to absorb nutritious Placenta and Collagen

03 / November / 2014

For the requirement of healthy food with safety, Weihai Systems starts to import series goods from Otsuka Group who is famous in the world to provide excellent choice for consumers with original packing from Japan.